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Current Car Loan Interest Rates and Bad Credit

Current auto loan interest rates are low, as the economy recovers and lenders re-enter the market place. Unfortunately for many people whose credit has been impacted by the past several years of the poor economic situation in this country, they are more interested auto loan interest rates for bad credit. The good news is that as the economy recovers more money is becoming available for all the segments of the credit market.

Auto loan interest rates for bad credit have never been close to the 0% or the teaser rates that are offered in TV ads, but like all the other interest rates they have to remain competitive. A lower rate for those with good or excellent credit generally translates to lower interest rates in all credit categories. The current car loan interest rates that you can access here are competitive for credit of all types.

Used car loan for bad credit and no creditlow auto loan rates for poor credit

Here are a few tips that may help you as you search for the financing for your next car especially if you fall into the category of a bad credit risk and are looking at paying bad credit car loan interest rates.

  • Know your credit score and the history from which it is derived, make corrections to the report if you find errors
  • Try to keep current with your payments for 6 months before you apply for any auto financing
  • Limit your loan applications, too many can have a negative impact on your credit score
  • A down payment helps to lower your interest rate, though the industry standard is 20%, put down as much as you are able to
  • A newer car ( 5 years old or less)and a shorter loan term 36 rather than 48 months can all help to lower your interest rate

Remember that we have experience in dealing with a bad credit auto loan, interest rates are competitive and our dealer/ lenders know how to access the credit markets to get you the financing that you need. We have dealers you know, in or near your home town and financing experts who can provide the loan you need for the car you want. Let us be your source for the car and the financing that will be competitive with other sources. Our loans can begin the process of improving your credit history today!

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