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Zero Percent Car Loan? A Great Deal or Just A Great Gimmick!

If someone offered you something for nothing would you be suspicious? Many of us would, and the idea of a zero percent interest car loans, should probably get us thinking. The old adage that says if something sounds too good to be true it probably is, applies to zero percent financing on cars. First used by the auto industry to build traffic in empty showrooms, it has now been imitated by furniture stores and other retailers. Free money is free money right? Yes, but the details and fine print may end up costing you more than conventional financing.

Who gets zero interest car loans? Is 0% car financing for real?

Zero interest car loans are not available to those whose credit score is lower than around 720. On a scale that goes to 850, you're talking about a lot of people who won't qualify. In fact it has been estimated that with the recent economic downturn less than 5% of applicants will have scores good enough. The answer to the question is then that very few people do.

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What are some of the downsides of zero per cent car financing?

Zero per cent auto financing often carries with it certain conditions;

  • Significant down payment amounts, sometimes as much as 25 to30%
  • Shorter repayment terms often 24 to 36 months
  • You must sacrifice any rebates on that vehicle in order to get the zero percent auto financing
  • You must accept delivery from dealers stock, you get a choice from the vehicles they have rather than the vehicle you may want to get a 0% car loan
  • Financing and/or rebates are usually offered on their slowest selling vehicles not on the entire vehicle line.
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Zero per cent car loans often carry another penalty which is not as apparent. Since dealers often make money on the financing of the car as well as the car itself, you may not get the best price possible on the vehicle of your choice. Zero percent auto loans may look like a better deal than they really are. Do the math. If the rebate you are offered represents much of what you have saved by not using conventional financing, the down payment required is significant, and the payments are uncomfortably high because of the shortened term of the loan, is it still a good deal? Zero percent financing cars and their loans may not be the best deal for you!

At we'll get you the financing you need, for the vehicle you want! Our network of dealers and lenders will give you terms that suit you and spell out just what it will cost you to finance your next car. Zero percent financing auto loans may not be the best deal for you, let us show you why!

Have Poor Credit? Zero percent financing on new cars isn't available to you!

Because of the stringent credit requirements for zero percent car deals, those with bad credit need not apply! And zero percent car finance on used vehicles? That's not available either. So to whom can you turn when your credit situation is distressed? it's more than just our name it's our mission. For thousands of people who have been in your position, we have been the source of financing at competitive rates with terms to suit you!

How it works!

Fill out the simple, easy application!
Your request will be processed promptly by one of our network of national lenders and the local dealer with whom they work.
You will be contacted by a local dealer
These are dealers you know and trust, not the buy here/ pay here lots with their higher interest rates and oftentimes shady practices. With their help, you can have the vehicle you need with interest rates and terms suited to your needs.
Our dealer/ lenders always do credit checks and report your on-time payments, so you get the car and an improved credit score too!!

Our website is secure, our response is prompt and professional and our name says it all. Auto finance for credit of all types!

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